Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May 2010 Schedule

Yes, the time has come: WILD TIME is going live on air on Dublin South FM. All mentioned shows will be broadcast on 93.9fm all over south Dublin and will be uploaded as podcasts for global access at a later stage.

May Schedule

10.05.2010 WILD TIME interviews Dr. Will Tuttle about his book "The world peace diet" and more. The conversation also revolves heavily around the benefits of a plant based diet based on scientifically proven facts. Also topics like meditation will be discussed - do not miss it.

17.05.2010 WILD TIME in conversation with Naresh Kadyan, leading animal rights activist in India, about his struggles to protect wildlife and the need to implement and to impose animal rights friendly legislations.

Mr. Kadyan is very willing to speak to anybody about his passion and allowed us to share his phone number with you:

009 1981 301 0595

24.05.2010 WILD TIME talks to often controversial yet very much adored activist and educator Dr. Steve Best, whose slogan "Negotiation is over" has caused quite a stir.

31.05.2010 WILD TIME host Thomas Janak will be talking to Dublin South FM's own Niamh Wynne about the history of the universe.

07.06.2010 DVD TIPPS - the show will talk about animal related documentaries and will contain snippets of previously aired interviews with Stephen Thompson and Claire Lewis.

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