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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May 2010 Schedule

Yes, the time has come: WILD TIME is going live on air on Dublin South FM. All mentioned shows will be broadcast on 93.9fm all over south Dublin and will be uploaded as podcasts for global access at a later stage.

May Schedule

10.05.2010 WILD TIME interviews Dr. Will Tuttle about his book "The world peace diet" and more. The conversation also revolves heavily around the benefits of a plant based diet based on scientifically proven facts. Also topics like meditation will be discussed - do not miss it.

17.05.2010 WILD TIME in conversation with Naresh Kadyan, leading animal rights activist in India, about his struggles to protect wildlife and the need to implement and to impose animal rights friendly legislations.

Mr. Kadyan is very willing to speak to anybody about his passion and allowed us to share his phone number with you:

009 1981 301 0595

24.05.2010 WILD TIME talks to often controversial yet very much adored activist and educator Dr. Steve Best, whose slogan "Negotiation is over" has caused quite a stir.

31.05.2010 WILD TIME host Thomas Janak will be talking to Dublin South FM's own Niamh Wynne about the history of the universe.

07.06.2010 DVD TIPPS - the show will talk about animal related documentaries and will contain snippets of previously aired interviews with Stephen Thompson and Claire Lewis.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Watch it


Naresh Kadyan, India's leading animal rights activist (as he humbly calls himself), will appear on WILD TIME. Naresg is founder chairman of People for Animals Haryana, representing the International Organization for Animal Protection in India.

Also confirmed is Dr. Steve Best who is an award-winning writer, noted speaker, and scholar-activist.

Steven Best engages in array of social theoretical and philosophical topics such as environmental ethics, critical media studies, cultural studies, critical theory, science and technology studies, critical animal studies, critical race theory, ecopedagogy, critical pedagogy, globalization, social movements, gender studies, and peace and conflict studies.

Best has published 10 books, over 100 articles and reviews, spoken in over a dozen countries, interviewed with media throughout the world, appeared in numerous documentaries, and was voted by VegNews as one of the nations “25 Most Fascinating Vegetarians.”

From the US to Norway, from Sweden to France, from Germany to South Africa, and Russia to Romania, Best shows what philosophy means in a world in crisis.

On-air dates for both shows to be confirmed shortly.

On May 31st 2010 at 1p.m. Thomas Janak will be talking to Dublin South FM's own Niamh Wynne about the history of the universe.

We're rocking and we're looking forward to being on Dublin South FM soon

Friday, April 23, 2010

First WILD TIME show on Dublin South FM

WILD TIME producer/host Thomas Janak recently pre-recorded a full-length interview with Dr. Will Tuttle about his new book: "The World Piece Diet".

Listen to Thomas and Will on May 10th* 2010 between 1 - 2p.m. on 93.9fm all over south Dublin as they explore the health benefits of a plant based diet, talk about meditation and about who is to blame for animal abuse.

Check out Will's page HERE

* - date will be re-confirmed soon

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Soon to come

Dr. Will Tuttle and Dr. Steve Best are the first confirmed guests for WILD TIME on Dublin South FM and on-air dates will be announced shortly.

We're back on air on the digital hub fm from April 30th, check us out (See link above)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What does WILD TIME stand for?

WILD TIME sees itelf as an entertaining yet critical show, aiming to highlight and to educate on all issues animal rights, animal cruelty and animal use related. But WILD TIME is also a world conservation show, covering topics like global warming and energy conservation etc.

Produced and hosted by pet psychologist and holistic animal healer Thomas Janak, who is involved in radio since 2003. Thomas is a professional radio program maker with a FETAC Level 5 accreditation in the mentioned field with merit and distinction.

WILD TIME runs/ran on different stations and in different formats and many shows have been produced and aired to date:


1. 15.02.2008 Show Introduction and interview with Paul O’Sealohain from Sealife/Bray

2. 22.02.2008 Christine Conneely and Bernadette Doyle from the Blue Cross live in the studio

3. 29.02.2008 Helene LeMahieu from ASH live in the studio

4. 07.03.2008 Laura Broxton from Nara live in the studio

5. 14.03.2008 Miriam Anderson from Anvil live in the studio

6. 21.03.2008 Mare & Foal Sanctuary UK footage

7. 28.03.2008 Bat Conservation talk and Connor Kelleher interview footage

8. 04.04.2008 Anti Fur Demo footage

9. 11.04.2008 Wildlife Photographer Finn Van Gelderen interview and talk footage

10. 18.04.2008 Reptile Breeder Thomas McElheron live in the studio

11. 25.04.2008Live from the studio, phone interviews with the DSPCA, ARAN and NARA

12. 02.05.2008 Composting workshop with Brenda Palmer footage

13. 09.05.2008 Wildlife Photography Group live in the studio

14. 16.05.2008 John McLoughlin from the Irish Tree Council live in the studio, phone interview with Robin Well from "Vegetarian Shoes”, Brighton

15. 23.05.2008 Anja Murray from An Taisce live in the studio, Tony Lowes from Friends of the Irish Environment on the phone

16. 30.05.2008 Full length phone interview with Greenair’s Olivier Van der Elst

17. 06.05.2008 Phone interview with Sean Meehan from the Irish Wildlife Trust

18. 26.09.2008 “Party Animal” Book Launch Footage

19. 03.10.2008 Dog Listener Jaqueline Murk, ASH staff member Katja Schumann and cat rescuer Vera Resch live in the studio

20. 10.10.2008 Festival of World Cultures 2008 Footage

21. 17.10.2008 Rally against animal cruelty footage

22. 24.10.2008 Photographer Michael Finn live in the studio

23. 31.10.2008 Rally against animal cruelty footage – part II

24. 07.11.2008 Reptile- and Bird expert Gavin Corcorran live in the studio

25. 14.11.2008 Wild Poland Foundation member Greg Prujszczyk live in the studio

26. 21.11.2008 Festival of World Food footage

27. 28.11.2008 Footage from a talk about “Cats – what to know about them …”

28. 05.12.2008 Pauline Beades from the Irish Seal Sanctuary live in the studio

29. 12.12.2008 Energy Conservation in the home – Part I

30. 19.12.2008 Energy Conservation in the home – Part II

31. 20.02.2009 Interviews with Mammal Biologist Professor Tom Hayden, Book- and DVD Tip and phone interview Kate Fowler – Reeves from Animal Aid UK

32. 27.02.2009 Phone interviews with painter Tom Byrne and Animal Asia UK’s Dave Neil about the dog meat industry in China

33. 06.03.2009 Laura Broxton from NARA live in the studio plus footage from a “Meat Free March” campaign hosted by LUSH and ARAN

34. 13.03.2009 Film- and TV Production students live in the studio talking about animal welfare and climate change, Interview with EU Commission press officer Philippe Carr and John Carmody from ARAN about Canadian seal hunt, phone interview with animal activist Gerald Kern from Germany

35. 20.03.2009 “Vegetarianism Pro and Con” with live guests Paul Dunne (Digital Hub FM) and Darren Hogarty (Babylon Radio) as well as Laura Broxton from NARA

36. 27.03.2009 CALL – Celtic Animal Life Line, with studio guest Gill Brady

37. 03.04.2009 Cruelty Free products in Dublin – a hunt for non-animal tested products in Dublin City. Interviews with staff members from Cornucopia, Down to Earth, Nourish and other shops.

38. 08.05.2009 Full length show with ARAN founder John Carmody

39. 15.05.2009 Lothar Muschketat from the Irish Raptor and Bird of Prey Sanctuary live in the studio, “Silver” from the ferret and exotic bird sanctuary on the phone

40. 22.05.2009 Special broadcast: International Music fair Frankfurt 2009

41. 29.05.2009 Schoolchildren from Singh Street NS live in the studio, Feline expert Dr. Vet Sarah Caney on the phone

42. 05.06.2009 Thomas gets a guided tour by Jackie Ronaldson who runs the Stonebrook Pet Farm in Ballymore Eustace

43. 12.06.2009 Helena Le Mahieu from ASH live in the studio

44. 19.06.2009 Phone Interview with Chiara from the “Animal Voice” blog

45. 26.06.2009 Deanne Stark aka “Silver” from the Ferret & Exotic Bird Sanctuary live in the studio, Dr. Dan Lyons from UNCAGED UK on the phone

46. 03.07.2009 Niall Hatch from Birdwatch Ireland live in the studio

47. 10.07.2009 Orla Aungier from the DSPCA live in the studio and Dawn Moncrief from FARM USA on the phone

48. 17.07.2009 Laura Broxton from NARA live in the studio

49. 24.07.2009 Helena Le Mahieu from ASH live in the studio

50. 13.08.2009 Aran anti Hare Coursing Protest

51. 29.08.2009 Festival of World Cultures 2009

52. 19.09.2009 Cleaning up day in Portobello, Dublin - Interview with Tracey O’Neill, founding member of the Portobello Canal Protection group

53. 21.09.2009 “End of the line” screening at the IFI in Dublin, including interview with producer Claire Lewis

54. 04.10.2009 Sled dog Ireland – Weight pulling event in Coole. Interview with Mandy Heynes and other members

55. 04.10.2009 Interview with Ann Kingston and Louise Kings from the Irish Dog Journal

56. 09.10.2009 Pet Expo 2009 footage includes interviews with pet psychologist Patrice Campion, Irish Therapy Dogs, Silver from the Ferret & Exotic Birds sanctuary, Lothar Muschketat from “Eagles Flying”, Irish dogs for the blinds and many more

57. 13.11.2009 “1001 nights of pain and suffering” – animal abuse in Egypt! Interview with animal rights activist Ahmed Diab from Cairo

58. 24.11.2009 Interview with animal rights activist Keith Mann

59. 27.11.2009 Interview with Diane Rowles from RSDR, Bulgaria plus Louise Kings from the Irish Dog Journal on the phone. Airing of interview with Ahmed Diab (see show 57)

60. 04.12.2009 Bernie Wright and Laura Broxton talk to Thomas Janak about the current state of animal welfare and rights in Ireland

61. 06.12.2009 Rally against animal cruelty footage

62. 08.12.2009 Interview with Osaka-based animal rights activist Steven Thompson about the killing of Dolphins in Taiji and more

63. 18.12.2009 Roger Yates, lecturer and sociologist talks in-depth about the human/non-human animal relationship and more

64. 19.12.2009 The conversation with Roger Yates continues

65. 12.01.2010 Animals and Christianity – Thomas Janak in conversation with pastor Debbie McFarland

66. 13.01.2010 In conversation with Dave Warwak re the Mayan prophecies of 2012

67. 18.01.2010 Oriana Kalama, ocean defender and TV chef talks to Thomas Janak

68. 19.01.2010 In Conversation with Dave Warwak, topics include “Veganism 101” and the Mayan prophecies for 2012

69. 25.01.2010 Megan Tiedemann talks to Thomas about her Facebook™ page and cats and behaviour/training

70. 26.01.2010 TGIF chat room Q&A with pet psychologist Thomas Janak about pet behaviour and training

71. 27.01.2010 Meet the “elephant Man” Vincent Fagne, who wants to build a retirement home for old elephants in south Nepal

72. 28.01.2010 Bee keeping the right way: In conversation with beekeeper Thomas Aumer

73. 01.02.2010 In conversation with Viv Lanting, mother of 9-yrs-old Jack, who is passionate about saving elephants

74. 03.02.2010 In conversation with 9-yrs-old Jack Chapman-Lanting re saving elephants

75. 11.02.2010 In conversation with ecologist Julia Feliz

76. 02.03.2010 In conversation with June Billings who studied elephants hands-on for 40 years

77. 03.03.2010 In conversation with Maik Schaffer from “Save our nature”

78. 29.03.2010 Live Chat with Julie O’Neill from Animal Aid Unlimited India

79. 16.04.2010 Save the seals – Interview with Mark Carter

Shows 1 – 45, 59, 60, 63 broadcast on The Digital Hub FM, 46 – 49 broadcast on West Dublin Access Radio, 50 - 58, 61, 62, 64, 71 published on, 65 – 67, 69, 72 - 79 broadcast on BlogTV, 68 & 70 broadcast on TGIF Radio

Friday, April 16, 2010

Breaking news:

BREAKING NEWS: WILD TIME will be coming to DUBLIN SOUTH FM from hopefully mid/end May 2010 every Monday between 1-2p.m. GMT and the show will be repeated every Saturday between 2-3p.m. GMT - how cool is that!

Will Tuttle will be the first guest on WILD TIME, watch this space for updates!