Sunday, June 27, 2010

July 2010 Schedule

WILD TIME host / producer Thomas Janak (pictured left) will be moving to the UK in August 2010, therefore WILD TIME only enjoys one more month on Dublin South FM. This is what is coming up on WILD TIME in July 2010:

05.07.2010 "Negotiation is over" - an indepth conversation with Dr. Steve Best

12.07.2010 "The Equine Crisis" with Janice Watt, volunteer at the Crosskennan Lane Horse Sanctuary in Belfast

pics courtesy of Janice Watt

19.07.2010 Vets direct - Veterinary surgeon Dr. Una Carroll will be live in the studio to talk about vets direct, a new concept that'l bring the surgery to your home and more.

26.07.2010 Laura Broxton from the National Animal Rights Association, NARA for short, will be Thomas Janak's final guest before WILD TIME sadly comes to an end in Ireland after 105 shows

Next Show: 28.06. 2010 - Snake Conservation

More and more snakes are being sold and owned in Ireland, yet little is known about how to care for them.

Matt Ellerbeck is rescuing snakes and educating people on the other side of the world, yet his knowledge is as valuable here as it is where he comes from.

Listen to a fascinating conversation about snake conservation

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

100th show and get together!

Dublin South FM's Sarah Lavin and WILD TIME producer/host Thomas Janak seconds before enjoying a vegan lemon cake courtesy of Thomas's girlfriend.

The 100th WILD TIME show (21.6.2010) was celebrated in style with on air give aways and a cake for the staff and volunteers.

The fun didn't end there as Thomas and friends, including some previous guests, spent some time at the vegetarian restaurant Govindas later the same day.

For pictures see our official facebook page

DSFM Station Manager Tina Heffernan enjoying a slice of cake

WILD TIME host Thomas Janak and studio guest Edward Delaney

Update re photographs

Edward Delaney sent the following information concerning the two pictures we were referring to throughout the show:

Notes for photos:

1. The spiral galaxy photo is of the Andromeda Nebula ( M31 in the Catalogue of Messier) and is our nearest neighbouring galaxy. Notable, also, because it is the only such object which can be seen with the naked eye as a hazy blob (the bright center) near the Square of Pegasus in the night sky, everything else being within our Galaxy. The spiral structure only becomes visible with long exposure photos from powerful telescopes. It is larger than our Milky Way Galaxy but, is of similar structure and shows what our Galaxy would look like from the same distance outwards. Andromeda’s celestial motion is towards our Galaxy.

2. This photo is a montage of four images of NGC(New Galactic Catalogue) 7603 recorded as a “peculiar Galaxy” in the “Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies” by Halton C. Arp (California Institute of Technology) 1966. The upper left image is enhanced for luminosity in order to show two fainter objects(2 & 3) situated in the filimentary trail connecting to the main Galaxy (larger object).

The reason it is important is that the smaller objects marked (1,2 & 3) show greater red-shifts, that is motion receding from our part of space, than the larger Galaxy they are connected to, thus contradicting the theory of the expanding Universe known as “Big Bang Theory”. The top right and bottom left images are photos of the normal optical image as seen in the telescope and the bottom left image is a negative of the optical images. The smaller objects are known as QSO’s – Quasi Stellar Objects and seem to be massive conglomerations of matter ejected at some time from the main Galaxy and still connected to it by the wispy “tails” seen in the images. Professor Arp was prevented from doing further research by CalTech directors and eventually left the USA to work at the Max Planck Astrophysics Institute in Munich.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

100th Show: "Cosmic Problems"

June 21st 2010 marks the 100th WILD TIME show. Studio guest Edward Delaney and WILD TIME host Thomas Janak explore "Cosmic Problems" in an attempt to deepen mankinds understanding of the universe and our role in it.

Physics and Metaphysics aren't light hearted or easy-to-grasp concepts but we will nonetheless try and put them into plain English.

Edward will refer to the two pictures during the show, which goes out as usual between 1 - 2 p.m.

Because it is WILD TIME's 100th show there will be vegan lemon cake for the studio staff and volunteers and give away CDs for some lucky listeners.

From 5p.m. onwards Thomas Janak will be at the Govindas Restaurant @ Aungier Street, Dublin to celebrate the achievements of WILD TIME.

Everybody welcome - hope to be seeing you there

Andromeda Nebula

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Upcoming shows and event - 100th show get together

WILD TIME is celebrating its 100th show on June 21st 2010!

Edward Delaney will be my guest at 1p.m. on the day and we will be discussing "cosmic problems". From 5p.m. -9p.m. I hope to be seeing YOU in person at the vegetarian restaurant Govindas on Aungier Street, Dublin (a stonethrow away from the famous Market Arcade) for a little get together to celebrate the achievements of WILD TIME in all its shapes and forms.

We're not funded so you'll have to pay your own bill on the day BUT Govindas is more than reasonable and the food is brilliant.

But before all that there are more shows to come

11.06.2010 "Live Life The Vegan Way" 11a.m. on 94.3fm on The Digital Hub FM (last show before mid October)

14.06.2010 "Tea" - with studio guest Brendan Dempsey. We will explore tea and its health benefits and will talk about spiritual aspects of this lovely beverage.

21.06.2010 100th show!!! Edward Delaney and myself will explore cosmic problems in an attempt to highlight where humans come in as a life form on our blue planet.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

WILD TIME @ The Point Village Market

WILD TIME producer/host Thomas Janak highlighted the radio show @ the point village market in Dublin on June 5th 2010.

He also gave a talk about animal behaviour and offered FREE one-to-one advice.

Thomas shared a tent with the likes of "Dogs-Daycare", "Irish dogs for the disabled" and many others.

The next Wild Time show on Dublin South FM will go out on Bank Holiday Monday, June 7th 2010 at 1p.m. on 93.9fm

For more pictures visit our facebook page

The WILD TIME stall @ The Point Village Market, June 5th 2010

Thomas Janak gave a talk about animal behaviour at the Point Village Market in Dublin on June 5th 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MEET WILD TIME @ The Point Village Market on June 5th and 6th 2010

Meet Wild Time host and pet psychologist Thomas Janak this weekend at the Point Village Market at the O2 theatre, where he will not only highlight WILD TIME itself but where he will also give his critically acclaimed talk "Evolution - from wolf to dog" on both Saturday and Sunday.

The market is on on both days between 8a.m. - 4.30p.m.

Please be there!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 2010 Schedule

07.06.2010 DVD TIPPS - the show will talk about animal related documentaries and will contain snippets of previously aired interviews with Stephen Thompson and Claire Lewis (pictured below in conversation with WILD TIME host Thomas Janak)

14.6.2010 WILD TIME with studio guest Brenden Dempsey - On WILD TIME we have long since recognised the need for a healthy mind and body to be truly compassionate.

Tea, originally from China, has been a vital tool used in well being and meditation.

Of course, this show will talk to a tea expert and will also explore how the tea is sourced and transported and so on.

21.6.2010 Thomas Janak welcomes The Digital Hub FM's own Edward Delaney, host of the culture show "Finnegan" on the mentioned station.

As a continuation of the conversation with Niamh Wynne re the history of the universe (see show on 31.5.2010) Thomas and Edward will discuss "cosmic problems" who have real effects on our planet.

28.06.2010 Matt Ellerbeck talks to WILD TIME host Thomas Janak about "snake conservation 101".

Lost Puppy

Beautiful puppy Packie was lost (or taken) in Inchicore recently. Please help find him as he should be returned to his rightful and heartbroken owners.

We will continue to read out the appeal on Dublin South FM and will also make an effort to find the puppy by mentioning it on numerous shows on The Digital Hub FM this friday, which transmits to Inchicore directly as well.

Fingers crossed that Packie makes it home.

Please click on the picture to enlarge and see the contact details of Packie's owners.

WILD TIME producer and host Thomas Janak and his guest Niamh Wynne on air discussing the history of the universe

Next show: Monday, June 7th "DVD Tipps" including interviews with film producers and animal rights activists. Tune in