Thursday, May 13, 2010

News and schedule change

May 21st 2010 from 8p.m. @ the Pravda in Dublin, which is opposite the world famous Ha'Penny Bridge.

FREE ADMISSION. With Erik Noon and the Future Gypsies, James O Connor, Brian Moss, Aaron Heffernan and other special guests! Fundraising event for 93.9 DSFM - all donations greatly welcome and appreciated.

Next show: 17.05.2010 WILD TIME in conversation with Naresh Kadyan, leading animal rights activist in India, about his struggles to protect wildlife and the need to implement and to impose animal rights friendly legislations.

Mr. Kadyan is very willing to speak to anybody about his passion and allowed us to share his phone number with you:

009 1981 301 0595

The show also features a 24 minute interview with Hilke Eitner about the cruelty involved in horse meat slaughter and transportation from Mexico and elsewhere to Europe. The conversation also touches on the health risk involved for humans.

To stay with the theme of horses the interview with Dr. Steve Best for WILD TIME will be aired on a different date (tba soon)and the May 24th show will be an interview with Daniel Guggenheim - Meaney about "horse racing kills".

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