Sunday, June 20, 2010

100th Show: "Cosmic Problems"

June 21st 2010 marks the 100th WILD TIME show. Studio guest Edward Delaney and WILD TIME host Thomas Janak explore "Cosmic Problems" in an attempt to deepen mankinds understanding of the universe and our role in it.

Physics and Metaphysics aren't light hearted or easy-to-grasp concepts but we will nonetheless try and put them into plain English.

Edward will refer to the two pictures during the show, which goes out as usual between 1 - 2 p.m.

Because it is WILD TIME's 100th show there will be vegan lemon cake for the studio staff and volunteers and give away CDs for some lucky listeners.

From 5p.m. onwards Thomas Janak will be at the Govindas Restaurant @ Aungier Street, Dublin to celebrate the achievements of WILD TIME.

Everybody welcome - hope to be seeing you there

Andromeda Nebula

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